The Four Benefits Of Botox

Botox is one of the best cosmetic treatments people get. Many people get the injections to tighten up their face and to temporarily get rid of their frown lines or make them less visible. There are many benefits of Botox, and you should know what they are. Learn about the benefits below.

1. Great For Lines And Wrinkles

It’s a great solution for those who have lines and wrinkles and it’s a non-surgical way to deal with them. Both men and women can receive the injections and the results are a complexion that is flawless. It doesn’t matter if you have wrinkles on the forehead or on your neck or around your mouth, this form of treatment can help. When compared to other types of cosmetic procedures, Botox is usually less invasive, and the results can be dramatic and immediate, which means you can walk in with lines and wrinkles, but walk out without them. Additional information about this can be found at

2. Brow Lift

As people age, their brow may lower or start dropping, which can make people look older. However, there is a way to get a brow lift without going under the knife, and that way is getting Botox. This treatment can lift your brow, which will make you look younger and less tired. If your brows are looking lower than usual or they a dropping, then consider getting the injections because you will see a difference right away, and it doesn’t take long to receive the treatment.

3. Reduce Excessive Sweating

Many men and women suffer from excessive sweating under their arms. This can result in them being embarrassed and can have an affect on the quality of their life. Also, excessive sweating may occur daily, which makes the problem that much more of a hassle to live with.

However, Botox can reduce excessive sweating. After you receive the injections, the amount of sweat you will produce will be lessen. This means you may finally be able to get some real relief from excessive sweating and you won’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about it. If excessive sweating has been ruining your life, then Botox may be the answer you’ve been looking for. The San Diego dermatologists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology are experts in this field.

4. May Reduce Migraines

A lot of people suffer from migraines and they think there is nothing they can do about it. However, Botox may help those with migraines. In fact, there have been people who have received Botox and then said they have gotten fewer migraines.

Some people have reported experiencing no headaches after receiving Botox. There’s no guaranteed that you will get 100% relief from migraines, but Botox may still be worth getting for migraine suffers. If you suffer from migraines, then speak with a doctor about getting Botox for your migraines and then you can decide if you should get it.

Do the above benefits sound good to you? If so, then schedule an appointment with a qualified botox injection expert who can provide you with Botox injections. The sooner you get Botox, the sooner you can experience those benefits.

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Can Just Three Hours of Vigorous Exercise a Week Help Increase the Survival Rate for Prostate Cancer?

Like many cancers today, prostate cancer can be highly treatable with a good chance of survival for most men if caught early. Advancements in diagnostic and medical treatment options and technology are giving urologists options that could have seemed impossible just a decade or two ago.

The highly skilled surgeons at the Prostate Cancer Specialists of Los Angeles offer patients a wide range of treatment and diagnostic options, like innovative MRI fusion biopsy in Los Angeles, to help not just treat and cure their disease where possible, but to improve and preserve patient quality of life as much as possible.

MRI Fusion Biopsy Los Angeles

What Can Patients do to Take Control of Their Health After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis?

Even with amazing developments in medicine and technology, some things never change – namely, the importance and immeasurable impact of a healthy lifestyle, specifically diet and exercise. While patients may not be able to control whether or not they will be diagnosed with cancer, certain lifestyle modifications can help to improve their overall health and prognosis.

In fact, studies from many respectable institutions, including Harvard School of Public Health and University of California San Francisco have found that men who exercise vigorously for at least three hours every week can not only cut their risk of dying from prostate cancer, but from all causes overall.

Click here to learn more about the signs, symptoms, risk factors, prevention, and treatment options for prostate cancer.

And it doesn’t just extend to marathon runners or competitive swimmers. Men who walked at least 90 minutes per week at a moderate to brisk pace lowered their risk of death by 46% according to the study, while those that engaged in the vigorous three or more hours a week saw a 61% decrease to their potential mortality rate. All the more reason to hit the pavement!

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Can You Continue Running After A Meniscus Tear?

It’s every runner’s and sports lover’s nightmare. The months spent training and preparing for a race or game, or just simply building up strength and endurance for enhanced performance, only to be sidelined by an injury. Even the most careful planning and cautious training can sometimes not be enough, as injuries of some form or another are almost unavoidable for active people.

Dr. Steven Meier is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Meier Orthopedic Sports Medicine, where he regularly performs expert orthopedic surgery in Los Angeles.

Orthopedic Surgery Los Angeles

Signs and Symptoms of a Meniscus Tear

Each knee is surrounded on either side by a C-shaped piece of cartilage designed to provide stability and keep the knee stable in the joint. This is the meniscus. When one or both pieces of cartilage are torn, a person’s weight cannot balance properly across the knee and it will become unstable. The most common symptoms of a torn meniscus are usually pain, and the sensation that the knee is “popping” or sliding out of place.

Meniscal tears are very common injuries and can happen to anyone regardless of fitness or activity levels.

Some tears are more severe than others and treatment and recovery times will depend on the individual person and grade of their injury. Once the cartilage has successfully healed, most people can return to their sport or physical activity of choice. The key is to seek treatment from a professional and ensure that the injury has time to adequately heal.

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For mild to moderate tears, a few weeks of rest and some physical therapy are usually enough. In more severe cases, an orthopedic surgeon may opt to perform arthroscopic surgery to repair the meniscus.

Contact an orthopedic Surgeon Today

If you have suffered from a torn meniscus, you need to contact an orthopedic surgeon who can provide expert treatment. Waiting too long can make the injury even worse and result in longer recovery times.

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Common Knee Injuries Of Professional Athletes

After watching a beloved team lose a game or championship series to a hated rival team, there is nothing more heartbreaking and disappointing to sports fans than watching their favorite players get sidelined by an injury. When the injuries are severe enough to actually threaten the athlete’s career prospects and return to the team, it can be devastating for the team and fans alike. (As well as for the injured player, of course!)

ACL Tear Surgery Los Angeles

Common Sports Injuries

Athletic injuries can vary from sport to sport and player to player, as everyone’s body is unique and no two people will suffer a similar injury in the same way. One of the most common types of injury for affect athletes is repetitive motion or repetitive strain injury, where a joint or surrounding muscle or tissue can swell or tear as a result of performing the same motion over and over again over a prolonged period of time.

Another injury common to runners, baseball, basketball, and soccer players in particular is an ACL tear. Dr. Eric Millstein is an orthopedic surgeon and performs the best ACL tear surgery in Los Angeles on people from all weeks of life. ACL Surgery Los Angeles is a one stop shop of information on ACL injuries and recovery.

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The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is responsible for providing stability and support to the knee as it moves in the joint. A sudden forceful motion, like an awkward landing from a jump shot or a sudden pivot to avoid getting tagged by the catcher while sliding into first base, can cause a full or partial tear of the ACL, which is then usually repaired with a minimally invasive procedure called arthroscopic surgery.

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Spinal Stenosis and Back or Neck Pain

Spinal stenosis is a common cause of back and neck pain. The condition occurs when the spinal canal narrows, thereby putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. Depending on where the narrowing occurs, this causes pain in the lumbar (lower back) or cervical (neck) area. While stenosis can also occur in the mid-back region, it is much less common. Along with pain, signs of spinal stenosis include numbness or tingling in the extremities.

Spinal Stenosis Encino

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

Cervical stenosis is more dangerous than lumbar, as a narrowing of the cervical region of the spinal canal puts pressure on the spinal cord. This can lead to more severe symptoms if not treated properly, including major body weakness and even paralysis. The spinal cord does not reach the lumbar area, only nerve roots. Pressure on the nerve roots leads to pain and discomfort in the lower extremities, but does not generally result in more severe symptoms.

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Treatment of spinal stenosis ranges from conservative therapies (such as physical therapy, medication, and steroid injections) to surgical options. Surgery is often recommended for cervical stenosis in order to address the underlying problem and ensure symptoms don’t get worse. If conservative therapies fail to provide lasting relief, surgery is a good option for lumbar stenosis as well, as it can provide more permanent relief of symptoms.

Dr. Todd Gravori of ProMed SPINE provides the best treatment for spinal stenosis in Encino. Dr. Gravori is a board-certified, highly experienced spinal surgeon who places the comfort and satisfaction of his patients first. He has years of experience treating all manner of spinal conditions, including spinal stenosis, and is a pioneer in minimally invasive surgical techniques. Minimally invasive spine surgery has a multitude of benefits, including less recovery time, less pain, and less risk of infection or complication.

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