Common Knee Injuries Of Professional Athletes

After watching a beloved team lose a game or championship series to a hated rival team, there is nothing more heartbreaking and disappointing to sports fans than watching their favorite players get sidelined by an injury. When the injuries are severe enough to actually threaten the athlete’s career prospects and return to the team, it can be devastating for the team and fans alike. (As well as for the injured player, of course!)

ACL Tear Surgery Los Angeles

Common Sports Injuries

Athletic injuries can vary from sport to sport and player to player, as everyone’s body is unique and no two people will suffer a similar injury in the same way. One of the most common types of injury for affect athletes is repetitive motion or repetitive strain injury, where a joint or surrounding muscle or tissue can swell or tear as a result of performing the same motion over and over again over a prolonged period of time.

Another injury common to runners, baseball, basketball, and soccer players in particular is an ACL tear. Dr. Eric Millstein is an orthopedic surgeon and performs the best ACL tear surgery in Los Angeles on people from all weeks of life. ACL Surgery Los Angeles is a one stop shop of information on ACL injuries and recovery.

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The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is responsible for providing stability and support to the knee as it moves in the joint. A sudden forceful motion, like an awkward landing from a jump shot or a sudden pivot to avoid getting tagged by the catcher while sliding into first base, can cause a full or partial tear of the ACL, which is then usually repaired with a minimally invasive procedure called arthroscopic surgery.

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